Best Bidet Toilet Seats Reviews – Ultimate Guide

At first, the whole concept of using a toilet bidet seat may come out as peculiar. The idea of washing the genitals rather than using a tissue paper! Not something that most people can picture.

Shockingly, the use of the Toilet Bidet has been dated back to the medieval period, and over the years has gained popularity in most parts of the world.

Considering the numerous health benefits that the bidet offers, it's only normal that the demand will rise indefinitely.

Most bidet can help to relieve and reduce any hemorrhoid issues. This has made bidet popular with women.

That doesn't mean that it's specifically designed for only women; a misconception that has surrounded the whole idea of bidets.

Bidets can be used by all regardless of the age.Since most homes now come with toilet bidet in their bathrooms in this review have underlined different factors to consider when buying a toilet bidet I have also included my top picks.

Factors To Consider : Best Toilet Bidet Seats

The hassle of getting a toilet bidet that suits you best can pose a real challenge. Below are factors to consider when buying a Toilet Bidet seat.

Electrical Or Non-Electrical

They are different types of bidets some which are electrical and others nonelectrical. According to your taste, you can either choose electrical or non-electrical. The toilet bidet seats which requires electricity to function.

It is designed with an electric cord which is roughly 3.5 long which should be plugged in the nearest outlet to use it.

Remote Controls

Imagine the scenario where the bidet control panel are attached to the seat, and some buttons are way back, every time you want to press a button you literary have to twist your body to reach the buttons.

Uncomfortable right? Well, best bidets come with a remote control which makes it easy to use without tossing and turning to find a button.

Tankless Water Heater

Even though the toilet bidet was discovered around the 18 centaury, with the rise of technology, the new models are tankless this has been a real breakthrough.

The tankless heating system doesn't come with a tank which made it look big. Another benefit is that it provides continuous warm water on demand.


Warranty is not a new word, every device or product has a warranty. The warranty gives some sense of assurance to any buyer.

Unsurprisingly a warranty is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing any commodity.

Luckily most bidets in the market come with a warranty except a few. The warranties may vary from 1 to 5 years.


When choosing a bidet, we can try to choose a bidet that looks like our toilet rim. Toilets tend to be either elongated or circle, so we try to find a bidet fits in the toilet.

Most bidets also come with oscillating cleanse though is not a deal breaker. It helps in cleansing where you don't need to adjust it fits the body perfectly this creates comfort.

Recommended best Toilet Bidet seats

Establishing your needs is one step closer to finding the best toilet bidet seat. Through the extensive research of different bidets, below are my five personal top picks. They are user-friendly and earth friendly.

1. Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat

Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment CB-1000

This particular bidet is earth friendly which also leaves you feeling cleaner rather than the use of tissue papers. The Astor Bidet doesn't require the use of electricity.

That's refreshing so no unnecessary additional electricity bills. Once you use this superb bidet, you can never go back to using tissue papers.


The bidet comes with a 12-month warranty, now that screams of confidence. Any product that comes with a warranty is one which shows reliability and originality.

Fast And Easy Installation

To fix the bidet on to the toilet seat doesn't require a brainy to figure it out. All you require is a screw driver and 10 to 20 minutes' spare time in your hands. Since it majorly operates on water pressure no electricity needed and very necessary it comes with installation and operation instructions.

Ultimate Fresh Water Cleansing

Astor Bidet connects directly and easily to the fresh water supply, to provide you with a spray of water for your personal hygiene. It comes with an inbuilt tank that ensures the fresh water supply 24 hours nonstop.

2. Ellegantz Genie Bidet Seat

Ellegantz Genie Bidet Seat

It comes with two designs, the elongated and rounded. With the two designs, you can choose which fits your preference.

If your toilet is elongated as most are, it's only natural that the bidet be elongated too. Its seats are designed to provide maximum comfort.

Easy To Maintain

Through my painful experience, I have encountered bidets which are hard and at times impossible to clean you have to spend hours just cleaning the bidet.

The ellegantz Genie bidet is one bidet that impressed me to clean it took few seconds, and I was done. It's very easy to detach from the toilet then clean it and mount it right back, simple right?


No one likes bulky things that they can hardly carry; the bidet, however, is 5.5 pounds which can easily be portable.

The bidet being small doesn't take up unnecessary space in the bathroom. They are just mounted on the rim of the toilet.

Fast And Easy Installation

The Ellegantz Genie bidet comes with installation instructions they guide you step by step on how to set it up and how to make it work. The bidet is very easy to install it and takes less than one hour.

3. Luxe Bidet Neo 120 self-cleansing Nozzle

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 self-cleansing Nozzle

The experience of using the Luxe Bidet Neo 120 was one I enjoyed it gives you the urge of wanting to go back to the toilet time and time again.

It's easy and very comfortable to use. Personally, the use of tissue paper is history! Never again!


The bidet has a warranty of 18 months and full customer support. The warranty not only gives a guarantee to the customers but also shows its reliability and durability.


From the title this bidet literary cleans its self, it has Nozzle Guard Gate which ensures the bidet is always read for a cleaning operation. The guard gate opens for access to the nozzle. Though it's advisable to clean the back of the bidet.


One of the special features is it's designed with a single nozzle that is hygienic and reduces the use of toilet papers.

It also has easily adjustable water pressure through the use of the control panel you can easily adjust the water pressure. The bidet control panel is user-friendly it can be used by children and elders easily.

4. Ellegantz Genie Bidet Seats

Ellegantz Genie Bidet Seats Natural Fresh Water Spray

With all its numerous features the Ellegantz Genie bidet eliminates the need for a toilet paper completely.

Through using the bidet, you can save the environment, imagine all the trees that are chopped down yearly just to make tissue papers. The bidet can be used by adults, children, and seniors.

Easy Installation

It comes with a manual that greatly aids in the installation. The manual has step by step layout with diagrams that makes it very easy to install and very fast. The bidet is nonelectrical so no wiring process is required this also adds to the simple installation.


It comes with the elongated design, so you have to ensure that your toilet is not rounded rather it's elongated to make the mounting process fit well. The bidet has to look like the shape of your toilet.

Easy To Maintain

The maintenance of this bidet is quite easy. It has a self-cleaning nozzle which extends to release a cleansing stream of aerated water. It can also be detached easily with a press of a button for further cleaning.

5. Hibbent Elongated OB106 NonElectric Seat

Hibbent Elongated OB106 NonElectric Toilet Bidet Seat

This bidet works surprisingly well, don't let the material it's made of put you off. The plastic material is solid and strong.

It can be used as a bidet and buttock washing adjustable according to your preference.


It looks exquisite and stylish in the toilet, the aesthetic nature of this product is one to admire. Especially the overlapping design.

Safe And Easy To Use

The bidet can be used by children, adults and even senior without encountering any problems. It's also nonelectric that means it doesn't use electricity so no need of having sockets in the bathroom and no need to worry about the dangers that come with an electrical bidet.

Easy Installation

Since the product is easily used by children, adults, and seniors, the installation can also be done easily by anyone. The bidet comes with manual and necessary accessories for steady installation. The installation doesn't take a lot of time.

Final Words

A bidet is a lifetime purchase it saves you the unnecessary cost of buying toilet papers every time you go for shopping. It also protects the environment; the trees which are chopped worldwide to cater for the production of tissue papers create deforestation.

When most people install bidets in their bathrooms, this will make the demand to go down and alas! The environment is saved.The best toilet bidet seat offers a thorough clean and undeniable comfort.

Through this comprehensive review, it's beyond doubt that our top picks mentioned above fit in the category of best toilet bidet seats.


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