Best Handheld Shower Heads – Top (5) Deals

Handheld shower heads demand in the stores exhibits an urge for ease and flexibility in humans. These handheld shower heads give you exactly what you need in the shower for an effective shower where you can get the water jets to hit parts of the body from any angle that you want.

Whether you want strong jets to rinse or a smooth, soothing jet with these handheld shower heads, you will achieve just that. Handheld shower heads are a great way to upgrade your bathroom.

For one they look incredibly good and make your bathroom look classy. My closest friends me that since installing the handheld shower heads, they feel like movie stars when taking a shower.

These handheld shower heads suits everyone at the end of this article you will be able to make such a conclusion.

Shower heads that I feature in this article will pop up anytime you ask or look for the best handheld shower heads.

Consider : Best Handheld Shower Heads

Just how do you know that they are the best? I get that question so often. The thing is, I evaluate these handheld showerheads by some factors as you will see below.


Ensure that your handheld shower head provides for flexibility to control the variables. Settings for the spray variables will see to it that you get what you want whenever. The setting will enable you to have a gentle, smooth spray or a forceful one.

Installation Instructions

For hassle free installation you need a little information no matter how simple the task is. The package ought to have some simple easy to follow instructions.


The finish determines the aesthetics of the shower heads. Finishes such as chrome and brushed nickel give great aesthetics and also are good anti-corrosion materials.


Despite the fact that a product may be quality, there is a chance that a defect might occur. In that case, without a warranty, you will have to incur the repairing cost but with one the manufacturer will do that for you.

Recommended Best Handheld Shower Heads

There are so many available shower heads, in the stores and you might get lost just which should you get for your bathroom. These five handheld shower heads are my favorites as a result of a consensus as a team of experts.

1. Delta Faucet 75700 Universal Showering

Delta Faucet 75700 Universal Showering Components

Delta is a manufacturer with a specialty in faucets and showering components production.

It is one of the most reliable manufacturers that we have in this modern era, embracing science and technology to bring us the best.

Anti-Clog Nozzles

Hard water is a big challenge to all the plumbing works. With the Delta Faucet, 75700 Universal Showering Components getting rid of the scales is a scrub away, and the nozzles will look as good as new again.

Flexible Hose

The cool thing about this Delta Faucet 75700 Universal Showering Components is that you can mount it to use it in a fixed position. When the need arises to use it as a handheld shower heads, you get to use the flexible 72 inches long hose

Installation Instructions

The manufacturer knows that despite how easy a task is. Not having the know how can frustrate your efforts of trying to install the Delta Faucet 75700. So they include some simple to follow installation instructions that help you go through the exercise as an expert.


Delta Faucet 75700 incorporates some setting that makes this handheld shower head suitable for all persons. It features seven settings examples of such settings is the soft drench, soft rain and the full spray which you set according to what you require.

2. Niagara Conservation 2.0 Gpm

Niagara Conservation 2.0 Gpm Handheld Massage Showerhead

The Niagara Conservation 2.0 Gpm Niagara Showerhead is a handheld showerhead that meets multiple standards hence making it among the leading handheld shower heads. I love the much it does.


The flow of the Niagara Conservation 2.0 Gpm Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage Showerhead is at 2.0 gallons per minute. The Niagara is a water saving handheld shower head. Water saving is good for the environment and yourself as the bills cut down.

Non-Aerating Spray

For the aerating sprays what happens is that temperature drops due to the introduction of cold air. The non- aerating spray of this shower head allows no aeration eventually you will get your water at the right temperatures.


When it comes to cleaning our equipment some of us tend to forget. If you belong to that category you do not have to worry as the Niagara Conservation 2.0 Gpm Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage Showerhead is self-cleaning.

9 Settings

Niagara Conservation 2.0 Gpm Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage Showerhead has nine massage settings. You can conveniently vary the jet from a soft to a forceful jet.

3. Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5 Inch Handheld Shower

Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld Shower

Reviewers imply that the Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld Shower. 

Showerhead Combo Shower System functions awesomely and after validation of that claim, I cannot agree less. Join the team.


A brushed nickel finish gives the Ana Bath gives the Ana Bath SS5450CBN Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo Shower System a decorative design. The shower system looks like a flower and the bathroom the flower vase.


Being a Combo, you can switch between the shower head mode to the handheld mode without interfering with the other. To fix the whole system in place you require no tools just your hands to twist the fitting until it feels tight.

Steel 60-Inch Hose Length

The 60-inch hose is of steel. 60 inches length allows you the flexibility that you require to get more than a satisfactory handheld shower head.

Lifetime Warranty

Ana Bath Inc. takes complete responsibility for any defects that will arise in the course of using their handheld shower head. This handheld shower head has a lifetime warranty on it.

4. HotelSpa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury Shower-Head

HotelSpa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury 3 way Rainfall Shower-Head

HotelSpa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury Shower-Head/Handheld Shower is a reflection of thorough research and hard work.

Hotelspa 30-settings is the ultimate choice of shower head you need for a classy upgrade.


HotelSpa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury Shower-Head/Handheld Shower has a limited lifetime warranty. Be keen though to buy the shower head from an authorized distributor else you will not get to enjoy the warranty.

Dual Shower Head System

HotelSpa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury Shower-Head/Handheld Shower is a dual shower head combining both of the fixed and handheld shower head. Dual shower heads give you a choice between the two.

30 Combined Water Patterns

HotelSpa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury 3 way Rainfall Shower-Head/Handheld Shower has settings for the two heads. It has both extreme settings and intermediary settings. Power rain, massage settings, and the intermediary rain/ massage just to mention but a few.

Connects To Existing Shower Arm

Installing the system is hassle free. It fits perfectly to the existing shower arm and all this while it will not require any tools just your bare hands only gloves if you could need some for a firm grip.

5. Waterpik TRS-553 Power Spray Shower Head

Waterpik TRS-553 Power Spray Hand Held Shower Head

Waterpik has a reputation of producing products with the aim of improving the overall human wellbeing.

They are doing that with this Waterpik TRS-553 Power Spray Hand Held Shower Head, Chrome.

Opti-Flow Technology

Opti-flow technology is the technology behind the Waterpik TRS-553 Power Spray Hand Held Shower Head, Chrome optimal performance even under low water pressures.

You will be getting a satisfactory shower no matter the water pressures.


So with the wide range of settings you can use this Waterpik TRS-553 Power Spray Hand Held Shower Head, Chrome on your pets too by utilizing the hose.

Anti- Clog Shower Nozzles

Clog cannot get in the way of optimal flow when using this shower. The nozzles are anti-clog, and as much as the clog is unavoidable, it only takes rubbing it off to get rid of it. clog being the most imminent problems on nozzles this shower knows no problems.

Adjustable Angle Bracket

An adjustable angle bracket allows you to position the shower head as you wish. To adjust you do not need tools, so you will be doing it at your convenience and at the same time measure are put to ensure it is leak proof.

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Final Verdict

Now you have all the knowledge that you require to make the right installation in your bathroom. Also if a friend asks you for advice on the best of the handheld shower heads, now you can help them.

The entire of the above-listed handheld shower heads are from manufacturers we can trust, as they have won the trust of other users already.

My take on this is that it is time for you to upgrade your bathroom with one of these handheld shower heads.

I have no disappointments of my own, and many of the users close to all have non either so I am confident with these handheld shower heads.


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