Best Portable Toilets – Ultimate Guide

As a rental company, you have been looking forward to hiring high quality and efficient portable toilets. I can agree with you getting a reliable manufacturer with very great products, for the past years has been so unpalatable.

But with the latest technology, some reputable companies have been innovative, and are manufacturing intriguing toilet designs.

Who would have known that someone would take his precious time, sit down somewhere and craft a toilet? Toilets are one of the things that people seldom invest their time in.

Thanks to the 21st-century technology, we get to enjoy so much. As a rental company, you need to find portable toilets for hire that will leave the party or camping people agape.

Factors To Consider : Best Portable Toilets

The following are some of the critical factors you need to bear in mind when buying a sharp-looking portable toilet unit.


Being portable is the main feature of a travel toilet. It should be your top priority to seek a toilet that is easy to carry around and save space too.

Some toilets may be designed for traveling but are turn out to be heavy and cumbersome. Be careful not to end up with such inconvenient toilets.


We all love being comfortable no matter what corner of the world we are. Comfort is another factor that every consumer of any product looks out for a while purchasing something and it also applies to portable toilets. A great traveling toilet is irresistibly comfortable.


You should mind investing in a reputable portable toilet from a reputable company. You know when switching brands you may experience varying results unlike sticking to one known brand that offers rewarding choices that are satisfying.

Find a reputable manufacturer whose products meet your needs like durability, comfort, and high sanitation.

Water Saving

It is quite obvious that when you travel, you take with you very little water. It is also suitable to have a suitable toilet that does not require many liters of water to flush and clean it.

Look for a toilet with a customized tank that will service you with enough water on your journey.


You obviously do not need a heavy toilet to drag you with its enormous weight on your journey. Get a light in weight toilet that will be easy to carry around while traveling. A toilet that saves space and still efficient.

​Recommended Best Portable Toilets

1. Leopard Outdoor Portable Toilet

Leopard Outdoor Portable Toilet

Do you know those times when the party is not turning out how it was supposed to be. The first place the planner may think of running to is the toilet.

If the toilet is cool and relaxing, the party planner will love it, and you will always be on her list.

Sturdy Base

Leopard Outdoor Portable Toilet features a stable base which is constructed from strong polyethylene that makes the toilet compact and lightweight hence stable. The porty is also easy to clean, store and disinfect.

Flush Tank

Leopard Outdoor Portable Toilet constitutes a superb flush tank nicely designed with the bellow type mechanism to allow you to flush quietly and stay clean.

Waste Tank

The best waste tank that can hold up to 5.3 gallons with a seal gate valve that locks in bad smells and prevents the tank to leak. Besides, you can remove and clean effortlessly.

Side Latches And Handles

Has included twin side latches and handles to keep the waste tank attached to the flush tank for carrying around easily.

Easy To Set Up

Being easy to set up is the main feature that makes Leopard Outdoor Portable Toilet the best toilet to invest in.

2. Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

You may be feeling uncomfortable leaving behind wastes whenever you are on a crazy or a serious tour, but your worries have been overruled.

I mean with the clean waste go anywhere portable toilet now available, what are you waiting for instead of grabbing one?

Easy To Clean

The amicable portable toilet comes with a mesh holder that is designed to prevent waste kit from also slipping you will notice the patent drip edge under seats which prevents the bag contact with waste.


Comfort is everyone's need, and clean waste go anywhere portable toilet takes care of that as its seat and bowl size dimensions are of a standard toilet.

Easy To Set Up

When on a trip, you don't need complicated things that is why clean waste go anywhere portable toilet takes a few seconds to set up and no assembly required.


The toilet is super strong it supports up to 500lbs. The toilet is also stable even on uneven terrain. The removable cover also multi-tasks as ground support.


Perfectly designed for traveling. It can be folded to briefcase size for easy storage and to top it all, it has a built-in carry handle.

3.Camping Toilet by Zimmer - 5 Gallon Toilet

Camping Toilet by Zimmer - 5 Gallon Portable Toilet

If you are looking for a camping toilet that will help you save money yet offering quality features and durability, the camping toilet from Zimmer is the one for you.

It is an awesome little porty designed to be with you in your outdoor actions.

Improved Toilet

Zimmer has enhanced its features, and the chemical toilet features a detachable tank for easy emptying and cleaning and twin latches for holding the tank to the toilet at the same time preventing leakage of odor and waste.

Self Contained

You will get to enjoy traveling with this toilet as it does not compromise with the comfort of your flush as it is the best camping portable toilet.


It features two tanks for holding wastes and freshwater that are standardized for every type of outdoor recreational activity, whatever spot you vanish to.


The best camping toilet is made of high-density polyethylene. It is, therefore, strong and ideal for those rough outdoor areas.


You will not believe that this porty is so light just perfect for traveling yet it arrives fully assembled, with a full seat size and lid, still in one piece!

4. Camping Hiking Dual Spray Jets Portable Toilet

Camping Hiking Dual Spray Jets Travel Outdoor Portable

The camping and hiking dual spray jets travel outdoor portable toilet is another best portable toilet created by the reputable best choice.

It is a special toilet that takes the performance of standard portable toilets to a unique dimension. What a nice gift for that friend who is a die-hard outdoor enthusiast.

Heavy Duty Multi-Function Dual Spray Jets

The outdoor portable toilet features heavy duty multi-function dual spray jets that provide clockwise rotary flow flush faster and cleaner.

Sturdy Construction

The camping and hiking dual spray jets travel outdoor portable toilet is crafted from high-quality polyethylene material that enhances its stability even on rough surfaces also facilitating durability.

Leak Proof Tanks

The camping and hiking dual spray jets travel outdoor portable toilet features detachable waste and water tanks that make it easy to clean.

Side Latches

The camping and hiking portable toilet Seat cover also comes with two side latches that help lock both tanks together, double sealing the drain to prevent leakage and foul smells.

Seat Cover

The toilet has a seat and seat cover hinge pin cap for fresh water holding tank that has bellows pump mechanism to pump water with enough pressure that can push waste to the waste tank leaving the bowl clean.

5. Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet

Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet

Deriving from its name, Reliance fold to go portable toilet is a reliable toilet that you can count on in minimizing space for packing while traveling.

The toilet is very affordable and rewarding in so many uncompromising ways. Let's see some of its amazing features.

Collapsible Toilet

Reliance folds to go portable toilet is impressively collapsible and portable toilet that folds down up to five inches making it easy to carry around and save space.

Integrated Handle

Reliance folds to go portable toilet features an integrated handle that will allow you to carry it around easily

Amicable Capacity

The ideally suited unit that can be used with the doodie bag has a friendly capacity that you will find great for camping, RV's, hunting, boating, and emergencies.

Compatible Design

About the Reliance Fold to go portable toilet's design being ideally suited for the doodie bag bagging system, it, therefore, comes with one free double doodie bag.

Leg Locking System

​Reliance folds to go portable toilets constitutes an irresistible highly innovated leg locking system making it one of the strongest and best portable toilet in the globe.

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Final Words

It typically does not pinch to invest a microscopic amount of money on an enormously rewarding portable toilet suited for traveling, camping, RV's, hunting, boating, and emergencies.

If you are also serious about leaving no trace behind when your car and canoe camp, or perhaps you are just not accustomed about crouching and losing your balance while taking a crap in the great outdoors, by the way, if you do this you should be arrested for environmental pollution.

Just kidding! Anyway, you should get one the above best portable toilets and quit that naughty ‘kind of freedom.'


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