Best Toilet Brushes – Guide and Reviews

What if we couldn't have this kind of clean toilets? What would have happened to our hygiene? A beautiful and clean toilet is always very attractive and presentable. And for us to achieve this, we need toilet brush for scrubbing our toilets.

Many individuals lack the idea of a toilet brush and instead they just go for the ordinary toilet brush that has very poor cleaning performance that leaves them unsatisfied.

And with the very many toilet brush brands available in the market right now, choosing the best toilet brush brand becomes a complicated issue.

This review contains five best toilet brush brand that will give you a brief introduction on the toilet brush. And together with the factors to consider, when choosing your best toilet brush will be much simpler.

Factors To Consider : The Best Toilet Brushes

It's always very important to have many factors to consider before purchasing the best toilet brush. This will give you the things that you should always look out for in a toilet brush before purchasing it.

Type Of Brush Bristles

Some individuals prefer plastic bristles while others prefer having a head brush with full bristles. So whatever your preference, having a firm, sturdy brush bristle is always very important since they are designed to withstand rough scrubbing.

Drip Free Design

Having a toilet brush that is drip free is always very important to some individuals. As for me I love toilet brush with drip-free design since they reduce the chances of cross-contamination.

Removable Brush Head

Having a toilet brush that has a removable brush head is always very crucial. I love the fact that they can easily be replaced when they are worn out which I must attest to that it's quite economical.

Compact Design

A compact design for a toilet brush can be very handy especially if one has a limited space within the household. Trust me; a compact design will perfectly fit any wash and powder room.

Long Lasting Fibers

Having long-lasting fibers for a toilet brush is very handy since it will serve you for some time before wearing off. I must admit that I always look for a toilet brush that has long-lasting fibers.

Recommended Best Toilet Brushes

After doing a thorough research on various toilet brush models available in the market and testing almost all the brands, I was able to come up with this list. And the following brush brands topped my lists.

1. Rubbermaid FG6B9900 Toilet Bowl Brush

Rubbermaid Fg6b9900 Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush

Having a nice toilet cleaning brush is essential to our daily living. And a model like this will always ensure that your toilet bowl is super clean and sparkling every day.

So say to not dirty toilet bowls and start living good.

Full Bristle Brush

The Rubbermaid cleaning brush has full bristles that make toilet bowl cleaning very easy and simple. I use this Rubbermaid brush, and I take less than 3 minutes cleaning my toilet bowl. The bristles can reach the curved area of the bowl too.

Base Store

The Rubbermaid toilet brush comes with a base for storing the brush whenever it's not in use. At least this base help to secure the toilet brush and prevents it from falling which can result to germs cross contaminations.

Durable Plastic Construction

The Rubbermaid has a durable plastic construction that makes it long lasting. I just love its construction since am sure that I will use it for a very long time due to its durability. I give it an upper hand compared to the other toilet brush brands.

Comfortable Handles

The Rubbermaid has comfortable handles that are very gentle on the hands. I have always liked its comfort handles since whenever am suing the toilet brush, am sure that my hands will be fully protected from any external injuries.

2. Simple Human Toilet Brush

Simple human Toilet Brush

The simple human toilet brush is not your average toilet brush, but it is a toilet brush with class and full of elegance.

So if you love elegancy, then this toilet brush model will serve you right.

Crescent Shaped Brush Head

The simple human toilet brush has a crescent-shaped brush head that cleans the toilet bowl thorough.

Its crescent head is desired to reach areas around the rim which are very difficult to reach. The brush has tough, stiff bristles that are handy when cleaning the stubborn stains.

Drip Free Design

On most occasions, it's always very annoying when the toilet brush drips on the floors after using it.

But gone are those days; this simple human toilet brush has a drip-free design that makes it quite hygienically. I love this toilet brush because am sure that germs cross termination is hugely minimized.

Unique Magnetic Collar

The simple human toilet brush has a unique magnetic collar that safely secures the toilet brush preventing the brush from dripping.

I totally love how the magnetic collar can hold the brush firmly making it nearly impossible for it to leak any water residue.

Brush Head Screw Off And On

The simple human toilet brush head is designed in a way that it easily screws on and off making it very simple to replace the brush head.

I was nervous at first when my toilet head brush was worn out, and I didn't really know how to replace the brush head. But later I found out that it was very easy to replace it.

3. Interdesignduetto Toilet Bowl Brush
Interdesignduetto Toilet Bowl Brush

A perfect give away gift and can easily become your favorite toilet brush. It has an amazing color combination of white and silver and elegant design that will make your toilet brush stand out always.

Sleek Holder

The inter design toilet brush has a sleek holder that hold the toilet brush when it's not in use. I find it very attractive, and it comes in very handy. It is capable of holding the toilet brush neatly and discretely.

Stiff Plastic Bristles

The inter design toilet brush has stiff bristles made of plastic that makes it work effectively. Trust me; the brush can clean perfectly under the toilet rims thanks to its tough plastic bristles.

Smaller Footprints

With just a 4 x 17.2 inches regarding its size, this toilet brush will occupy a very small insignificant space in your washroom. So even if you have a small washroom like me, this toilet brush will still be of help to you.

Removable Brush Head

This toilet brush model has a black brush head that can be easily removed for replacement purposes. I find it very interesting since when the brush head has worn off, I can easily replace it

4. Home Intuition Stainless Steel Toilet Brush
Home Intuition Stainless Steel Toilet Brush

So far this is one of my best toilet brush brands and just, to be honest, I loved its sleek amazing and unique design right from the beginning.

I have also come to attach myself to its beauty. I mean who would have ever thought that a mere toilet brush design will become this creative.

Long Lasting Fibers

The home intuition toilet brush has durable fibers that will always clean up your toilet bowl for ages. I believe at times its good to always plan ahead, and purchasing a long lasting toilet brush will never do you any harm.

Tapered Brush Head

The tapered brush head is always very handy and can lean up to 90 % of the toilet bowl including areas under the rim and those that are unreachable. So whenever you are using this toilet brush be sure to have a super clean toilet.

Holder Covers Bowl Brush

The home intuition toilet brush has a holder that covers the bowl brush completely making the toilet brush very presentable and out of sight.

I just love how the holder covers my toilet brush making the washroom very presentable.


When it comes to its size, this home intuition becomes your best friend especially if you have one of those half washrooms within your house. It has a very compact footprint that will save you lots of space.

5. OXO Good Grips Compact Toilet Brush

OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

Just a perfect hideaway toilet brush for your daily needs. Trust me, and it has some of the most enticing features that make it very irresistible.

Plus I love its nicely neat design that makes it unique.

Automatic Canister Door

I have always loved this OXO toilet brush because of its unique canister door that opens and closes automatically. Whenever I lift the brush, it opens up and when I am not using the toilet brush it neatly stores the brush away.

Canister Drip Tray

I have never had an issue about this toilet brush when it comes to dripping. It has a canister drip tray that makes the toilet brush to dry up very faster since the water is released through evaporation by the ventilation slot.

Sturdy Bristles

The OXO toilet brush has sturdy bristles that make it very strong and o withstand the rough toilet scrubbing. The bristles also easily reach areas beneath the toilet rim which can be difficult to clean at times.

Comfortable Grip Handles

The OXO toilet brush is designed in a way that its handle shape is very comfortable and secure to hold. So using this toilet brush will have a very minimum chance of slipping from the user's hand.

Final Words

The best toilet brush, therefore, comes in very handy especially when it comes to cleaning matters regarding our toilets.

Thus, to choose the best toilet brush brand, you will need some guidelines which are the things that you will need to consider first.

They also have some of the most enticing features that will make your toilet super clean.

So don't just buy any toilet brush that will, later on, disappoint you, but instead buy the best toilet brush for your needs.

And one that will perfectly fit you. The review is a complete guideline that you will need for choosing the best toilet brush.

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