Best toilet plunger guides and reviews

The Best Plunger is a good friend when you fall into a trap of clogged toilet. It may happen anywhere some time for hopeless flush or some time for overflowing clogged toilet. The best solution for solving these kinds of problem is a smart plunger. If you have any, you can get rid of this unavoidable circumstance. Clogged drains are a not unusual plumbing hassle in most households and in lots of cases can be solved without the need of a plumber. Getting to know to clear a clog with a plunger is pretty easy and these are cheaper and smooth to use. Deciding on the best toilet plunger is a crucial selection because there are numerous types of plungers; each designed to be used on different forms of drains.

How we Pick

Our specialists spent over 3 days considering nearly more than 30 plungers by physically check it through jamming various types of toilets, consulting with fourth-generation plumbers, and finally select these top 12 plungers not only for toilet but some are for kitchen too. They have prepared this list on the basis of the working capability of the plungers, quality of materials are used, public demand, positive & negative reviews etc.

1. Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger

Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger is gained top ranking from our specialists. It is offering a completely unique four-step heavy obligation suction cup that smoothly fit all kind of sizes and styles of toilet drain openings you can easily pump with it in any toilet you may have. Moreover, it is rustproof and its handle is made by high quality sanitary aluminum which is customized with a peg hole. That’s why it is very light in weight and easy to store and hang. Integrate those functions with an extremely good pliable and durable rubber suction cup that creates an ultra tight seal around any toilet drain business or residential and a bottom design without interior ridges to save you toilet water from remaining within the rubber suction cup.  It’s easy to look why we rank it at the top.


  • Erratic four-step heavy duty graduated suction cup fits securely in all different types and sizes of toilet drain openings.
  • Remarkable pliable and durable rubber cup creates an extremely tight seal across the drain from all angles for business or residential use.
  • Unique cup design in no way flips returned and gets caught like different comparative plungers.
  • Polished edge and backside design without indoors ridges preserves toilet water from closing inner cup.
  • Mild weight, rustproof, and mould immune aluminum cope with peg hole for handy placing.


  • Flashy materials are used in handle.
  • Plunging requires powerful downward strokes.​

2. OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Plunger

The OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Plunger is another super toilet plunger that comes with a canister, just like our step-up choose, and is a terrific for storing in beautiful bathroom finishes and designs for including aesthetic price. Some of our specialists are ranked it at number two in our top ten lists too for its working capability on any types of toilets, even the more recent ones which have low flush and elongated designs and the plunger head has a design that is ridge-free to maintain the whole thing easy clean. While it is currently not in use, the canister is a drip tray design this is equipped with air flow slots that facilitates to quickly evaporate any water. Normally, with the OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Plunger, you can get an extra cozy grip and at ease maintain because of the flat pinnacle floor featured handle that is top notch convenient. Moreover, it has a non-obtrusive design and will suit and blend onto any toilet and visually and effortlessly, it has a design that maintains it far away from moving into touch with different family gadgets when you store it in a cabinet or closet. In addition to its neat features, the canister has a spring open characteristic so that you can easily take out your toilet plunger while wanted and store it when you are no longer the usage of it.


  • Plunger head works on all toilets, including low flush and functions a smooth, ridge-loose designed for cleanliness.
  • The rubber cup part of the plunger is made by tough and durable natural rubber for powerful plunging.
  • Secure grip and strong flat top surface handle, long lasting plunger head that works on all toilets, inclusive of low-flush, make plunging jobs faster and simpler.
  • While toilet plunger is lifted, canister springs open automatically and well stores plunger when no longer in use. Furthermore, canister drip tray functions ventilation slots that allow water evaporate quickly.


  • Rubber material of the plunger smells abominably.
  • One customer who has TOTO toilet is not happy with this plunger.

3. Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger with Brush Caddy Set

Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and its bowl brush caddy set may become the complete solution for your toilet. This is a great little combo that looks more attractive next to your toilet than the usual industrial plunger and separate scrub brush. It has got forth position in our ranking chart. This caddy set is designed to hold both the toilet plunger and brush together for clean storage. The handle of the plunger is made by none-slip rubber and its extended rubber plunger offers exceptionally effective outcomes. This plunger will push piles down with very few strokes and at once go back to the unique shape. It really works as designed and the plunger has an extension that you could pop out, in case you want something to attain in a chunk in addition into the bowl and seal it, or go away it tucked beneath. Moreover, its bonus round bowl brush will help you to clean your bathroom.


  • Each brush and plunger is very well made and robust.
  • Rubber grip handle and prolonged rubber plunger affords pretty effective outcomes.
  • Caddy has a non-slip base, that’s why it is easy to store anywhere from kitchen to bathroom.


  • Difficult to clean the brush holder when it gets gross.
  • Quite tough to plunge for senior people.​

4. Simplehuman Toilet Plunger

If previous two plungers are not available or you are searching something new for your latest designed toilet, Simplehuman Toilet Plunger may become first choice for them because at the extent below the superb korky, most of the tested plungers all had roughly the same plunging strength. However, the Simplehuman stood aside as the nicest-searching plunger we examined. It has completely unique magnetic collar that secures the cover to the plunger so that you can transport them together without the trouble of dripping. However, this is a white colored toilet plunger and you'll find it clean to cover the plunger whilst no longer in use due to its area-saving and dome shaped design. The plunger itself is specifically designed with a narrow profile to work extra efficaciously with modern toilets.


  • Specially using long stainless steel rod and narrow profile designed to work more efficiently with modern toilets.
  • Dome shaped cover’s massive commencing makes the plunger easy to detach and remarkable magnetic collar secures cover to plunger for drip-free carrying.
  • 5 years warranty.


  • Not ideal for something that is meant to go in water.
  • Few objections on its stainless steel rod too.

5. Korky 99-4A Beehive Max Universal Toilet Plunger

Although Korky 99-4A Max Performance Plunger is slightly expensive than previous one, it deliver huge output than any other plunger by less effort in market place. It gets 2nd position only for price otherwise it will be the champion one for its heavy duty. This unique Plunger is designed for handling pretty much every miserably clogged state of affairs from Toto, American Standard toilets, Kohler, and greater with it’s expertly designed form that seals extremely good, requiring less effort and mess than other plungers. We physically check it by jamming a Kohler toilet drain with a foam ball to simulate a clogged pipe, the Korky 99-4A Max turned into capable of move the ball down the pipe at a rate of two to three inches in line with plunge, where none of the alternative plungers could even budge it.  A plunger should have a decent seal against the bottom of the bowl, and the Korky 99-4A Max’s specific beehive design smooth, pliable rubber on the lower half, a stiff middle, and thicker rubber up near the cope with—made it substantially greater powerful than the other plungers in our assessments. Furthermore, we attempted the plungers on three different types of toilets, each of which had a distinct drain shape, and the mighty Korky 99-4A Max was proved itself the best. This plunger also has an exclusive t-manage grip that clearly aligns your arm when you plunge, making it simpler to apply a powerful stroke with less wrist pressure than you’d get with the typical straight handle. It might be your smooth solution irrespective of the time or vicinity.


  • Extraordinary beehive shape non-marking rubber seals better, requiring less effort.
  • Fits all modern elongated toilets including TOTO, American Standard, Kohler and all other brands and recommended by all manufacturers too.
  • Super long lasting, easy to use & handling.
  •  Proudly manufactured in United States.


  • Does not make a good fit in the new low-volume toilets.
  • Sometime doesn't remove the clog during the first or second plunge and the water flows back in to the toilet before expand it to normal.​

6. Neiko 60170A Toilet Plunger

Neiko 60170A Toilet Plunger is another upgraded version of Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger. Here two plungers come within one package.  It is suitable for any types drain because of its awesome-pliable commercial-rubber cup with tiered ridges forms ultra-tight seal. Its heavy-duty aluminum handle permit for maximum pressure compelled down drain to root of clog. That’s why many users mentioned it the best instead of specifically molded for all angle plunging.


  • The patented, commercial grade, superb-pliable rubber cup with tiered ridges to shape ultra-tight seal on maximum drain sizes from nearly any angle.
  • Aluminum handle permit for optimum pressure to be forced down drain to source of clog.
  •  Very easy to rinse off and keeps clean and sanitary.


  • The industrial rubber has a very toxic smell.

7. Rubber Toilet Plunger

The rubber toilet plunger is very simple and handy. It won’t equip with unique holders, needless    frills, a few revolutionary suction cups, a built-in clock or anything else but its working capability is better than many other plungers. For someone simply looking for an easy, no questions required, toilet plunger for business buildings, workplace, or maybe domestic use. This plunger works great on clogs than drain cleaners without using those noxious chemicals. It is fit for sinks too. It has large extended cup which is comparatively thinner and softer than other ordinary plunger to provide best pressure, fit and suction on plunging and smooth fiber glass handle is easier to clean than wooden handles. There is a loop on the end of the handle that’s why it can be hung at any corner of your bathroom. One of the happy users Mr. Jackie E. Stevenson said on his reviews “Finally!!!! I had the opportunity to use my new plunger! I've had a number of plungers in my 65 years, and have to say this plunger plunges like no other I've owned. Thank you for this great product.” You will get FREE e-book "How to Poop like a Pro - The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Bowel Movements" on buying this effective plunger.


  • Soft over-sized, industrial rubber cup forms a quick seal and builds suction and pressure fast. It is effective with both sinks and toilets.
  • Handle is made with a very sturdy plastic to keep easy clean and sanitize.
  • Comes with a complimentary e-book "How to Poop Like a Pro - The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Bowel Movements".
  •  Required minimum afford on plunging.


  • Smells like rubber before use.
  • Handle is too short.

8. Kleen Freak Antibacterial Toilet Plunger

 Kleen Freak Antibacterial Toilet Plunger has huge demand on the diligent consumers. Especially the people, those have children or conscious about germs free bathroom can try with it because this is a very powerful antibacterial toilet plunger that incorporates a holder and another thing that makes it superb eccentric is the reality that it uses germ shield technology to rid of against germs 

and protect the users of the bathroom from sickness.  Furthermore, its’ rubber cup is crafted from high grade material that seals up all kinds of toilets surely appropriate and extra ordinary design is patented to offer you the excellent plunging power without getting water within the cup of the plunger from the toilet bowl and as for its de-clogging action and usefulness as well as fabric construct and great. Having with these awesome features it’s hard to get someone who can find fault on this plunger. Presenting a strong and elegant aluminum handle that doesn’t flex or destroy, germ defend antibacterial safety to provide continuous protection towards odor-inflicting bacteria, mold, and mildew, and of course a patent-pending plunger design to give you maximum plunging strength even as unsanitary water will never acquire within the plunger cup not like many competing brands.


  • Equipped with germ shield antibacterial protection and effortlessly unclogs any preferred or high-efficiency toilet bowl.
  • Prevent unhygienic water from dripping throughout the bathroom floor.
  • Provides heavy-duty because of its top quality rubber cup with tiered ridges that forms an ultra-tight seal on any toilet bowl.
  •  Flexible, strong and stylish aluminum handle affords upscale appearance to any toilet.


  • Extra force required to plunge.
  • Antibacterial property smell like an unimpaired litter box.

9. MP100-3 Master Plunger

If you are looking for something new or upgrading your plunging experiences MP100-3 Master Plunger will fulfill your demand. Because of its multi function ability and an exclusive funnel-nose this plunger is perfect fit for not only any kinds of toilet bowl but also kitchen sinks, faucets, tubs and more as well.

The plunger is very smooth to put in and really long lasting and it has an effective and versatile design.

 Virtually light-weight with one of the lowest measured weights in our list this plunger earns it’s the “Master” fame in its title now not only for its robust bellows design and creation however by using displacing a massive 162 cubic inches, 7 instances that of widespread rubber cup plungers. This master plunger has greater plunge consistent with push than any other plunger on the market. One potential consumer compares its power with “Thor’s Hummer” and “Sumo Wrestler”.


  • Seven times displacement means 162 cubic inches of displacement generates extraordinary immerse per drive.
  • Capable for sinks, faucets, toilets, and more.
  • Appropriate design and formulation for getting maximum output.


  • Too much air allowance if it isn't seated properly.
  • Not recommended for Elongated Low Flow toilets.

10. Master Plumber Deluxe Plunger w/ holder

It is china made product. The design permits for the suction to be immediately aimed to the toilet's drain. When any unavoidable toilet clogs occur this plunger goes in smoothly and fixes it like a darn champ. Cleansing the bowl following unplugging, rinsing the plunger in the bowl gets rid of any worries of residual odor. It dries properly in its holder. The holder sits unobtrusively close to the bowl.


  • Long lasting, easy to use, installation and handling.
  • Lightweight but functional and nice looking.
  •  Comes with plastic handle in its own Holder.


  • Poor material used in handle.
  • Harsh to use.

11. Blue Donuts Aerated Toilet Plunger

The customer who have tiny bathroom can willingly buy Blue Donuts Aerated Toilet Plunger because it comes with three colors of aerated storage space and consumer can store it anywhere of his house. This superb stylish plunger made from durable bronze and stainless steel. The aggregate of both materials can improve 

the durability and overall performance of this toilet plunger. As for its usability, the plunger is indeed very smooth to clean. It virtually works at nearly any attitude. In terms of material construct and grade, it comes with an industrial grade rubber cup to shape a notable tight seal for any toilet or drain and inside of this plunger, there's a small plastic cylinder sits within the bottom of the container, so whilst you use the plunger, the water will go into the plastic piece, and you may easily pull it out and wash it. 


  • Industrial rubber cup forms a tight seal on any type of drains at any angle.
  •  Long lasting high quality metal container.
  • Rinses clean & stores effortlessly.


  • A little smaller than an average plunger.
  • Sometime handle and lid doesn’t Mitch match with each other.

12. BAAM! Drain Blaster Cleaner

Do you afraid after watching the picture or the name of the plunger? Although it looks totally different from the regular plunger, it will disappear any toughest clogs in just few seconds. BAAM!’s cleaner is one of the most remarkable products on our list. Capable of repair 

sinks and tubs simply as easily, unless the usage of chemicals, a plumber, or harming the environment this cleaner is both reusable and easy to use this means that it is one of the quality picks for someone searching out something extra than simply the conventional toilet plunger. However, it is looking ridiculous; very easy to operate rather than ordinary plungers. Simply, just pump and pull the trigger. this can shoot compressed air into your pipes to clear the blockage, however if you do not have a great seal over the drain and the overflow covered, a mess of nasty will shoot out onto your counter. BAAM! Cleaner consists of a entire set of attachments that you could use to unclog each drain inside the house.


  • Works on every drain because of its three nozzles.
  • When ordinary plungers fail, it starts and can remove any types clog by not more than 5-6 shots.
  • Reusable, environmentally friendly, easy to use, minimum muscle power required.


  • Read and follow the directions or you will have a mess.
  • When it works, it's far exceptional. Whilst it fails, it fails tough. The whole thing explored and unusable.

Description of Ideal plungers

Now a day, clogging drain is a common household problem. It may happen at any time in any types of drainage system like kitchen sink, faucets or our final destination toilet. Plungers are possibly the handiest of simple family gears while handling all types of drain clogs. Although plungers are affordable and easy to utilize, you should know some proper techniques and chose the effective one on the basis of opening of the drain. There are different types of plungers available in market, grabbing the right one is not that much easy.

Categories of Plungers

1.Common Sink Plunger/Sinkor Standard Plunger

This is a very basic plunger well known as red rubber cup with wooden handle. This plunger works nicely on a flat surface where the cup can lay flat over the drain and create the essential vacuum to correctly drive out the clog. That’s why it’s good for sinks each in bathrooms and kitchens however, also can be utilized in bathtubs. On the other hand, it’s a negative choice for any types of toilet congest because it frequently can't get a proper seal to create suction.

2. Accordion Plunger

This is the upgraded version of previous one which is designed most toilet friendly because of its smaller cup that fits over the drain flawlessly inside the toilet bowl. Creating a vacuum seal over the drain is quite tough for its hard flexible plastic and huge displacement. So it provides extra power but that is difficult to utilize. If the smaller cup is not fitted properly it can be hard to control. That’s why it may influential but not too versatile.

3. Toilet/Flange plunger

This plunger is the combination of other two plungers with less displacement than previous one. Plungers for toilets even have a cup like a sink plunger. However, it also has a smooth rubber flap that folds out from within the cup. The flap fits pretty well over the toilet drain making it easy to shape the vital suction to clean a clog. With the flap folded inside the cup this plunger can also be used on a sink or tub drain to create a seal. The flap, offers flexibility to permit it to in shape just about any drain. We’d advise you keep a Flange Plunger mainly for the toilet and the cup plunger for less funky jobs.

How to Plunge your Toilet:

Plunging a toilet is not a joke; it is not so tough or so easy. If you know the proper technique, you avoid the mess otherwise you will unsatisfy with every plunger. We hope that our four step guideline will help you to do the job smoothly.First of all, before the use of the plunger, flip off the water on the valve commonly underneath the toilet tank to stop the toilet from overflowing.Secondly, face the plunger upright over the drain hollow, making sure there’s water arising at least midway up the rubber cup on the plunger. If there’s now not sufficient water within the bowl, pour a few in. Clarify that you have an excellent seal between the plunger and the drain beginning before you start plunging.Thirdly, now Push and Pull multiple times, remember while pushing the plunger down till it touches the drain and then pull up sharply, no longer sufficient to interrupt the suction.Lastly, free the suction, hopefully; the clog should be dislodged releasing the water. If there’s no alternate, repeat previous step until the water starts off evolved to empty.

Note: Plunge straight and vertical- angling the plunger won’t permit you to get the right force you need and the seal become escaped. Moreover, if you try with chemical before plunging, you should wear gloves and safety glasses.

Final verdicts:

All these Plungers are supposed to ensure you maximum functioning and high strength for sustainability. Most of them are cost efficient and notable for plunging capability with minimum force implementation. But among all of them Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger is simply superb for its long lasting flexible four steps of suction cup which makes a very tight seal around all types of toilet and other household drains. If you have only this one, you will completely ready against the war of any kinds of clogging drain.


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