Best Toilet Seats – Guide and Reviews

If you are looking for the best toilet seat for your toilet, then worry not. There are very many individuals who don't have any clue regarding selecting the best toilet seat that will fit your toilet perfectly.

I have always believed that the very many brands in the market make people even more confused. At the end of the day, they always end up not knowing what they really want when it comes to a toilet seat.

Experienced individuals also have favorite toilet seat brand which according to them they claim they are the best. But for me, I always believe what one term as best may not always end up being my best too.

Thus to be able to choose your toilet seat, they are a number of factors that you should need to consider first.

And that's why this review gives you a step by step guideline on choosing the best toilet seat that will suit your needs perfectly.

Factors To Consider : The Best Toilet Seats

It's always very necessary to have some factors to consider before purchasing the best toilet seat. These factors will include the key characteristics that you will need in selecting your best toilet seat.

Easy To Clean

It's always very important to purchase a toilet seat that is very easy to clean and take less of your time. Having a toilet seat that is removable will be a great advantage since you will remove clean it and return the seat back.

Slow Close Technology

Having a toilet seat that has a slow close technology is very important especially when you have children around and hate noise. The seat closes itself slowly without slamming thus preventing injuries and germs cross contaminations.

Seat Type

Some individuals prefer the elongated seat type while others prefer the round flat seats. Elongated seats fit only elongated toilets but for the round seats is perfect choice especially if you are looking for comfort.

Metal Hinges And Bumpers

Everyone loves a toilet seat with metal hinges because they make the toilet seat have more stability. I don't think there is anybody that would wish to have their toilet seat temporarily placed on the toilet.

Ultraviolet Protection Molded Seat

If you are the type of a person that hates the sight of color fade, then it's very important for you to have an ultraviolet protection molded seat. This is because they tend to retain its original color.

Recommended Best Toilet Seats

Having carried out a deep research on various toilet seat models available, and testing nearly all the models, I was able to come up with this search list. And this model topped my search list.

1. Allmax AX015 Elongated Toilet Seat

Allmax AX015 Elongated Slow Closing Toilet Seat

I love toilet seats because they always keep my toilet bowl closed when they are not in use.

I don't know where having a toilet seat become a necessity, but for me, I like how it makes the toilet comfortable while when one is sitting on it.

Elongated Plastic Seat

The allmax toilet seat is made of a plastic material usually solid white in color and always very easy to clean. I love this seat since it doesn't tale most of my time whenever am doing the cleaning.

Slow Close Technology

Forget about those days of slamming and getting your fingers injured. The new slow close technology, which I totally love, enables the toilet to close itself slowly without any slamming.

Molded Smooth Finish

The allmax toilet seat has a molded smooth finish that is out of this world. The finish is very attractive with an elegant design creating a beautiful sleek environment for the wash and powder room.

Fits Any Elongated Toilet

Provided that you have an elongated toilet, then this allmax toilet seat will easily fit your toilet which is a great thing by the way. I just love its compatibility to all the elongated toilet seats.

2. Heavy Duty Comfort Toilet Seats

Heavy Duty Comfort Seahorse Seashells Round Toilet Seats

For me, the toilet seat is the best thing that I can have for my toilet. I really love how it makes my wash room very neat and keep my toilet bowl from germs.

I think having a toilet seat is very necessary in this life.

Ergonomically Designed

The heavy duty comfort seat has an ergonomically designed seat that makes it very comfortable to use whenever on is using the toilet. I love how comfortable the seat is thanks to its design.

Acrylic Seat Cover

The heavy duty comfort seat is usually covered with acrylics with sea horse and seashells. It brings an outdoor feeling to your washroom and makes the toilet very beautiful and neat too.

Ultra Violet Protection Molded Seat

When it comes to ultra violet molded seats, think of color retaining because it totally eliminates the color fading. I love how my toilet seat has retained its original color even after its constant use.

Metals Hinges And Bumper

The toilet seat comes with metal hinges and bumpers that make the toilet seat to be very durable. This also makes the toilet to have enough stability that makes the toilet seat to withstand any weight.

3. Mayfair 9401NI 568 Solid Bamboo Toilet Seat

Mayfair 9401NI 568 Solid Bamboo Toilet Seat

With the very many seat models in the market right now, this model gives hope and comfort users that there are good toilet seat models available in the market.

Plus it delivers perfectly and I'm sure it won't let you down.

Exquisite Natural Bamboo Design

Talk of an elegant finish that will add extra beauty in your washroom. The Mayfair toilet seat will give you that elegant feel since it has an exquisite natural bamboo smooth finish. I just love its rustic nature.

Solid Bamboo

Since the seat is made from bamboo, it makes sit have a solid construction that totally resists cracking and warping. I love how the toilet seat withstands wear off and retains its brand new nature even after using it for some time.

Classic Non-Tarnish Metal Hinges

The hinges bring more stability with it, and this classic non-tarnish metal hinge prevents the toilet seat form toppling over when it being used since it's permanently fixed to the toilet bowl.

Environmental Friendly

The Mayfair toilet seat is very environmentally friendly since the material used in its construction doesn't release any chemicals to the environment. So if you are an environmental enthusiast, then this is the best model for you.

4. Bemis 1500ec346 Molded Wood Toilet Seat

Bemis 1500ec346 Molded Wood Elongated Toilet Seat

Whenever it comes to a toilet seat, am always very keen because I tend to hate getting disappointments.

Thanks to this Bemis toilet seat model, am now at peace and fully satisfied about its ability to serve me right.

Easy To Clean

The Bemis toilet seat is very easy to clean. I love this toilet seat because I can easily remove the seat, clean it using a damp cloth and can return it easily. It doesn't even take much of my time cleaning the seat.

Durable Molded Wood

The toilet seat is made of molded wood that makes it very durable. I think having a molded wood in the seat makes it very reliable since it has the required strength that one needs in a toilet seat.

Superior High Gloss Finish

The toilet seat is made of superior high gloss finish that makes it eliminate any chances of chipping and scratching. That's why I love this toilet seat since it's able to retain its original state.

5. KOHLER K-4648-0 Stonewood Molded Toilet Seat

KOHLER K-4648-0 Stonewood Molded-Wood Toilet Seat

The Kohler toilet seat brand is a great piece for your toilet since it will provide you with elegance and outstanding performances at the same time.

It's a nice toilet piece with various variety of features making it on its unique level.

Compression-Molded Wood

The toilet seat is made using a compression molded wood that makes sit have a unique look and feel. I think it's very innovative to making the seat unique since other toilet seat brands are not able to achieve this look.

Versatile Design

The toilet seat has a versatile design that can easily fit any toilet piece be it a one piece or a two piece. It makes the toilet seat easily fit the design lines of the very many toilet bowls available which are totally awesome.

Color Matched Polypropylene Hinges

The color matched polypropylene hinges ensures that the toilet is safely secured. The hinges attach the seat to the toilet making it, which prevents the toilet seat from toppling over to the ground. I just love this feature since I find it very intriguing.

Round Flat Design

The toilet seat has a round flat design that makes it very comfortable to use. I love round toilet sit since they bring more comfort ability to the toilet bowl which is quite amazing and nice at the same time.

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Final Words

If you have been planning to buy a new toilet seat, am sure any of the above models will meet your requirements. They are specifically designed to provide its users with the best performance while still retaining they elegant design.

Never rush your decision and purchase a toilet seat just because you need one. But instead, learn to be patient and take time to rethink about your decision over and over again.

And when you finally find one that fits you, it's still very important to at least make sure that it meets your needs too. Thus this review will guide you through finding the best toilet seat.


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