Kohler Memoir Toilet Review

Whenever I hear about a Kohler Memoir toilet piece, what pops my mind immediately is its combination of elegance, class, and performance. I mean, who wouldn’t want to own a toilet piece that stands out and remains presentably clean all the time? It has a sleek design with a white color that makes it a one of a kind toilet piece. I have always loved this Kohler Memoir toilet piece which is ideal for residential use only. It’s a two piece toilet that will work out for you perfectly regardless of you taste and preference. I must attest that the Kohler Memoir toilet is a one of a kind toilet piece. Kohler Memoir Toilet Review

Round Front Bowl

The Kohler Memoir toilet has a round front bowl that makes it have a smaller footprint. I love this feature since it can easily fit even one my half baths and powder room. It occupies much less space making it very economical to space. So if you are the kind that is looking for a toilet that will fit your small wash and powder room this is the brand for you. I just love its size dimensions.

Single-Flush Gravity Use

Gone are the days when we had to double flush so as to make matters cleaned from our toilets. Personally, ever since I heard about the Kohler Memoir single flush gravity toilet I just had this strong attraction to it. Trust me it the best flushing system plus it uses gravity force creating a very powerful flush. I just love its single flush system and am sure it won’t let you down.

Aqua Piston Canister Flush Valve

One thing I love about the aqua piston canister flush valve is their ability to withstand deterioration and their ability to resist warping. I mean who would wish to have a toilet piece that will start wearing off and look like it’s been used for ages when it’s still new? So the aqua piston canister flush valve will ease your life since it will ensure that your toilet always looks brand new regardless of the duration of its use.

Precision Engineered Parts

Whenever I think of a Kohler Memoir toilet, all that comes to mind is its précised engineered parts that make it stand out. It has a tank, bow, and traps way that are engineered precisely giving a much needed strong siphon flush that sinks matters within seconds after flushing. I love this engineered parts system since it makes flushing an easier task. So I don’t see the reason for not purchasing it.

1.28 Gallons Per Flush

If there is a factor that I greatly consider when it comes to toilet piece purchasing is its gallon per flush speed. I think the 1.28 gpf is much better compared to the 1.6 GPF since the 1.28 GPF uses much less water. Thus the Kohler Memoir toilet piece has a 1.28 GPF which makes it very economical and saves hugely on water. So having this toilet piece means saving at least 20 % of the water that would have been used by a 1.6 GPF.

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  • 28 gallon per flush.
  • Precision engineered parts.
  • Aqua piston canister flush valve.
  • Single-flush gravity use.
  • Round front bowl.


  • Wax ring and bolts for the toilet bowl are not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the toilet’s flushing mechanism and technology? A: The Kohler Memoir toilet uses a gravity flush mechanism and also the flushing technology is gravity fed too. Q: Which material is the toilet made of? A: The Kohler Memoirs toilet is made of a vitreous china material. Q: What if I am not satisfied with its performance, can I still return it after using it? A: Yes, you can return the toilet piece since it has a 90 day trial period.

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Final words

With its gravity-fed flushing technology, this toilet piece will never disappoint you in any circumstances. Its canister flush valve also ensures that water is being released from all sides of the toilet bowl making the toilet piece very effective when it comes to its performance. The 90-day free trial which is returnable makes one guaranteed of the best results and this together with the one-year warranty cover increases the user’s trust and confidence with the toilet piece. So far it has never disappointed me, but instead, it works perfectly which makes it a very reliable piece that is quite durable too at the same time. Go ahead and purchase this toilet piece and enjoy every moment of its use.



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