Toto Double Cyclone Review

A toilet has been a basic need for a man since he came to being. He probably didn’t see the need for one back then since there were bushes everywhere that could be converted to a toilet but he sure did need it. After some time his eyes were opened, and this wonderful invention came to be. The toilet has undergone years of evolution, and the current age is blessed with some of the most genius ideas implemented to make the toilet more than an everyday thing to go to when it’s time to empty the bowels. In this day and age, you get toilets that make you feel like a king, like a Pharaoh, toilets that are so efficient at their job and last a lifetime. Toilets that apart from performing excellently and being efficient, have wonderful, brilliant designs that will immediately catch your eye and keep you staring lost for choice. The Toto double cyclone toilet is one such toilet, and I will tell you why. toto double cyclone review

Double Cyclone Flushing Technology

Flushing away content from the bowl is the one most important jobs we expect a toilet to be able to do and well some just don’t do it excellently which can be annoying. A toilet that can’t get waste out of sight cannot qualify to be called a good toilet. The Toto double cyclone is made with a double cyclone flushing technology that uses the power of gravity and water force to make sure all material is taken away from the bowl.

Sanagloss Technology

Ever seen a toilet that looks like it has ages and ages of brown stain lacing it so much that is almost impossible to sit on? Well, this is caused by the accumulation of stain and particles over a long time. The unwanted material adheres to the toilet bowl. SanaGloss technology is made to make sure it is easy to clean and that nothing adheres to the surface whatsoever. Mold, mildew all that cannot stick to the surface, so you get a clean well-maintained toilet for years!

Chrome-Plated Lever

The lever of a toilet is one that is used all the time and as such if it is not made to withstand lots if pressure, then it might break. The makers of this toilet understood this fact brilliantly and that’s why they came up with this idea; to chrome plate the lever. This gives it the long life span it needs to have to survive through the endless pulls, pushes, and swings.

High-Grade Plastic Toilet Seat

Durability and longevity have to be among the top factors to look at in a toilet. It needs to be made with material that gives it more life and ensures it can live as long as the user and even longer. It is for this reason that the Toto double cyclone toilet is made with high-grade plastic so that it can achieve the length of time we’ve talked about and not come apart after just a few years of use.

Easy Installation And Use

Ease of use and installation can attract anyone to any product because who wants something that is too much work to set up and to operate. We would all love to set up our toilet fast and start using it. With this toilet, you don’t have to worry about how hard it will be getting your toilet to work. Everything will be easy peasy because it is made to be so.

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  • High efficiency
  • Double flushing technology for better flushing power
  • SanaGloss technology, for a cleaner toilet that stays clean for long.
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Long lifespan due to the high-grade plastic material making up the toilet.


  • There isn’t a completely white color for the toilet; cotton white is the closest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the size of the outlet and are the outlet passages polished? A: It’s 4 inches and not sure about whether they are polished. Q: How is it shipped? If by freight, to curbside or inside? A: It is shipped by freight and curb inside delivery only Q: Do you have to continue holding the lever down to flush or does it flush completely with one press? A: You need to hold the lever down for 2-3 seconds to get a complete flush.

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Final Verdict

I wouldn’t put my bet anywhere else if I were you. This product is one you can’t let go of because it is one you might not find a match. Do you need a wonderful toilet? You got a wonderful toilet, the Toto double cyclone toilet.


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