Toto Neorest 550 Review

I read about toilets that are designed for automatic operation, and I wanted to own one of them. I imagined how it would be easy to operate my toilet by using a remote control and the toilet flushing itself o I don’t have to help my kid flush the toilet over and over again. I ordered one and installed it, and there it was, the type of toilet I was dying to own. I was impressed by the automatic operation, and I felt like using the toilet all the time just to look at the automatic operations by the activated sensor machine. The toilet has made my life easy. My toilet is touch-free and very impressive. The dual flash it features allows getting rid of both liquid and solid waste making the toilet ever clean and fresh. I would recommend the Toto nearest 550 to anyone anytime. Toto Neorest 550 Review

Dual Flush

The dual flushing system of the toilet is designed for the toilet is to help you save water. The design is built in control to be able to select the amount of water to be used per flush making the toilet water efficient. Water saving is made possible by the skirted bowl which ensures that water works less that it would normally to clean away the waste in the bowl.

Automatic Operation

This is what inspires people to consider purchasing the Toto nearest 550 toilets. You don’t have to manually open and close the toilet since that can be done automatically by the use of a remote control or by the activation of the sensor. The flushing is also automatic such that after your business is done in there when you get out of the seat, the toilet flushes itself.

Adjustable Seat

The toilet seat is very much adjustable to ensure that you get comfortable enough when you sit on it so that you don’t have to take care of your business in the toilet with a lot of straining. The seat is made possible to adjust so that it can accommodate every person despite their body size or even the height. Both the young and the elderly can also use the toilet comfortably.

Sanagloss Glaze

The Toto nearest 550sanaGloss glaze is patented and super-smooth to prevent debris, mold, and bacteria from sticking to its porous and ceramic surfaces. The glaze ensures that the toilet’s surface is ever clean making you use less water for cleaning and fewer chemicals in the environment. It features an ion barrier that is designed to repel particles away giving you a clean and healthy bathroom and toilet environment.

Programmable Nightlight


The Toto nearest 550 toilet features a programmable night light that lights the place so that you don’t need to carry any source of light to the toilet at night. You don’t have to tag along with your kids to the bathroom at night just because they are afraid of darkness when you got the programmable nightlight feature for your toilet. This saves your time and the money you could have spent on electricity bills.

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  • Remote control operation
  • Water efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • Integrated warm air dryer
  • Seat warmer


  • Difficult to reconfigure

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Toto nearest comes with a lid? A: Yes, it comes with a lid that opens and closes automatically Q: HIs it a difficult task to install the toilet? A: The toilet is pretty easy to install as long as you follow up the instructions on the manual on how to put the parts together. Q: What is the design of the bowl? A: The bowl of the Toto nearest 55o toilet is a skirted bowl design.

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Final Verdict

Add some luxury to your bathroom by installing the Toto nearest 550 toilet. It improves the look of your bathroom and fits perfectly to the design of your bathroom. It’s time you get to have the feeling of owning a toilet that is touch free, no more manual operation when you get the activated sensor machine for your toilet. Never worry about the hygiene of your bathroom because the toilet has an ever clean surface and always stays clean. This toilet will make you fall in love with your bathroom and serve you more than you expect it to for as long as you wish.


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